• BSECE Bachelors of Science in Electrical And Computer Engineering - Seattle University (2016)

  • AS Associate of Science in Computer Science - Highline College 2014

  • AS Associate of Science in Computer Science - Highline College 2014

  • Cert. Certificate in Client Side Programming - Highline College 2014

Work Experience

  • Astronics AES Senior Design Project (2015-2016)

    Worked both as chief embedded programmer and project manager on a team of four Seattle University students tasked with creating prototype software to control Astronics AES proprietary avionics control hardware (LRMs) using CAN bus protocol. The software, written in Embedded C using Code Composer Studio, controls a TI Hercules safety microcontroller. Designed a software system to simulate logic gates, which replaced the company's initial proposed design. Developed architecture of cyclical executive, and associated components. Oversaw the creation of individual elements, and integrated them into the main cyclical executive. Created a cyclical executive loop to control and monitor the LRMs based on a binary specification file, from which the aforementioned simulated logic objects are generated. Developed file formats in conjunction with computer science team.

  • Seattle University Lab Assistant (2016)

    Worked in conjunction with Electrical Engineering Professor to develop labs Build Test circuits using electronics lab equipment such as oscilloscope, DMM, etc. Responsible for proposing improvements to curriculum and/or lab circuit designs and handouts. Assisted junior level students in completing lab assignments for a cumulative year-long robotic puppet show project. Wrote and tested C/C++ code for the Raspberry Pi to interface with digital logic circuits, electric motors, and other components.

  • Star Lake Elementary Eagle Academy (2013-2014)

    Prepared and taught curriculum for a class on magic, which culminated in a convention with contests and performance in front of the rest of the Academy. The course curriculum included engineering principles, such as design,technical writing, and public speaking. It required students to keep a design notebook, and practice regularly. It also focused on professionalism and etiquette. Re-design existing brick-lego lab course to include engineering, science, technology, and math (STEM) in a way that made sense, lead students to complete a quarter-long project, which included working in groups and drawing floor plans. Used Lego lab to teach structural, engineering and drafting principles.

Technical Skills

  • Languages

    • C++,C, Java, Minimal C#

    • PHP, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, MySQL/SQL

    • Batch (DOS), some Bash(Linux), QBasic

    • VHDL, some PICBasic

  • Software

    • MPLABX/Harmony Configurator/FreeRTOS, ModelSim/Quartus, Code Composer Studio/Halcogen, minimal Xilinx

    • Aptana, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Nano(Linux), QB4.5(DOS)

    • MultiSim, Ultiboard, LabView, Matlab

    • Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, AutoCAD, some Revit

    • Paint.NET, Microsoft Office

  • Hardware

    • Altera FPGA, minimal Xilinx

    • Arduino, Raspberry Pi

    • PIC, TI Hercules

    • Digital Multimeters (DMM), Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG)

    • Basic Circuit Design and Analysis, Soldering

    • Building/Repairing Desktop Computers, Computer Hardware Installation and Configuration, Technical Support, Computer System Maintenance