The Great Cigma


About Cigma

The Show

My magic show is very unique, in that it combines engineering, children's entertainment, professional showmanship, and magical history to provide an extraordinary experience for both children and adults. A family or children's show lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. Audience participation is key. Everyone, especially the kids get to participate in the fun. There will be laughter, amazement, and applause, but most of all there will be magic that everyone gets to be a part of. If you so choose, The Minions from Despicable Me may appear at the end of the show. Or perhaps my good friend Robert Houdin II (Bob) will open the show with his mysterious miniature rabbit magic. After the show is over, I may sign posters, pose for photos, or give magic lessons and make balloon animals.

For larger venues where there is a stage, the show is appropriately staged and tailored to the occasion. Whether it is a backyard birthday party or a stage show at a children's museum, everyone will be engaged and entertained. With a background in performing arts, engineering, and children's entertainment, there is no one better at providing fun, hilarious, and mystical magic than The Great Cigma.

Being a Magician


I have been performing magic since I was five years old. My abilities range from small close up card tricks to parlor and platform illusions that will stun even the most attentive and skeptical audience members. As a performing magician I entertain my audience by amazing them, making them laugh, and engaging them with hands-on illusions that they'll be able to boast about to their friends and colleagues. Anyone who watches my show will have laughed, applauded, and with any luck have at some point gone "Wow!" in bewilderment.

On my sixth birthday I had just gotten out of the hospital, and my parents wanted to do something special, so they hired a magician. I had known him and seen him perform at Christmas parties where my parents worked, but I got my very own magic show. Afterward, he gave me one of his props, a magic coloring book- from that moment on I was hooked.

When I started middle school, I had a terrible experience in band, so I decided I would forgo music, and delve deeper into magic. The Great Cigma was born. I registered my name and applied for a business license. I started doing shows at my middle school, then later at my high school. I made connections and started performing at talent shows and fundraisers. When I was confident, I booked my first professional show. From there I continued to innovate and invent, I studied old magic texts, used my engineering ability to design new props. Though many of my larger designs still haven't been constructed, I have now assembled an entire show of my own creations. Old tricks are given new life, illusions from the past have been updated, and entirely works of legerdemain and engineering have been fashioned to provide a one-of-a-kind show that is unique to me.