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In order to schedule a magic show, you must first fill out the following form. If the magician is available, you will be contacted with a price quote via email and telephone within 3 to 5 days. The information provided on this form will be used to assess the price of providing a magic show and is necessary for The Great Cigma to plan travel arrangements, what type of magic to bring, and how best to entertain the audience at your event so make sure to fill it out carefully.

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The price of all add-ons will be listed in the quote. Lessons will include necessary matarials for all those involved and will be priced per person. The Happy Hippo Magic Store will allow guests to buy magic tricks with pre-paid currency called Hippo Bucks. You can set the amount, so if you pay five dollars per guest, each guest will get five Hippo bucks. This is a nice alternative to party bags, lets children practice spending money, and is a lot of fun!

($25 for birthday child only, $3/child for guests) Please use the "Contact" tab to schedule a stand-alone lesson, lecture, or workshop

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